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Be sure to check out my website for more photos from Mexico.  I’ve created 4 albums with photos from:

  1. The Embodied Imagination intensive in Malinalco
  2. Mexico City – Markets, street scenes and Aztec ruins
  3. San Miguel de Allende, a fabulous historical town filled to the brim with creative energy and artists from around the world
  4. Mexico City – Wandering around the Contesa neighborhood and local market place

I hope you enjoy my photos.  Be sure to let me know what you think.

Just click on this link to go to my website and then click on the tab that says “Photo Gallery”


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Mexican Smiles

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I’m in Mexico for an Embodied Imagination intensive with Robert Bosnak and Jill Fischer.

In the coming days, I’ll share what it’s like to dream and practice Embodied Imagination work together with people from all over the world.

When I return in June, I will continue to offer a Friday afternoon Embodied Imagination group at Monkey Bridge Arts.  So if you are curious about this approach to dreaming, come join us!

I will also be starting an Embodied Imagination group at Pathways for people who are facing life threatening and chronic health challenges.

Until then, sweet dreams!


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六十余州名所図絵 甲斐 さるはしMonkey Bridge (Kai, Saruhashi), from the series Famous Places in the Sixty-odd Provinces [of Japan] ([Dai Nihon] Rokujûyoshû meisho zue) 「六十余州名所図絵 甲斐 さるはし」

Monkey Bridge from the series Famous Places in Sixty-odd Provinces of Japan

Nothing replenishes my creative spirit more than a good walk.  The older I get, the more I find walking is essential not only to my physical health, but also to my creative process.  I learn so much from watching how nature moves from one season into the next with such grace and beauty.  There is no better teacher of color than nature herself.  As I watch her move from the intense greens and blues of summer into the golden yellows, browns and brilliant reds, I am awestruck.

Taking a daily walk is also an incredible source of pleasure for me, as it has been for many artists before me.  One of the things I love about Japan is the tradition of sketching and writing poetry while walking through the countryside.  This woodblock is an example from of one of my favorite Japanese artists -Utagawa Hiroshige.

This year in particular, the imminent arrival of fall with it’s shorter days reminds to me to slow down and savor the fruits of the harvest as I enter the next stage of my life.  Having just finished menopause, I am now looking forward to beginning a review of the creative work I have done so far. Through this process, I hope to have a better idea of where my creative work wants to go in the next half of my life.

While I was in Japan this past spring, I noticed so many books about walking and sketching or writing poetry.  With the most rapidly aging population on earth, as well as the longest life span, I think that the Japanese are on to something here.  As we age, taking time to connect with nature on a regular basis by walking while expressing ourselves in art and poetry seems to be a wonderful way to connect more deeply with ourselves while replenishing the creative well within.

The Joy of Bubbles

The Joy of Bubbles

This past week, as my son and I have been out walking by the light of the full moon, I have been amazed by how much the same terrain is transformed when bathed in mo0nlight.  Walking together has become a special time for us.  While we are out, he loves to recite his favorite cartoon dialogues for me, blow bubbles and dance in the streets with our dog.  As the mother of a child on the autistic spectrum, I have often found it difficult to share the kind of interactions that are more common for other families, like a conversation with eye contact.  To be honest, this used to make me feel very sad and left out.  Last night, however, as I watched his beautiful bubbles floating in the moonlight and listened to him joyfully hum bars from his favorite cartoon, I was filled with such gratitude.  Our lives may be atypical, but they are also filled with so much beauty and joy, if I only remember to slow down and savor this walk through life.

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Praying Figures - Kamakura

Stone Figures - Kamakura

Please join me for a virtual pilgrimage to the temples of Shikoku, Japan. All you need is a pedometer and a good imagination!

Click on this link to learn more about the 2009 Fall Walking Challenge to 88 Temples. Once you get to the website, download the spread sheet to record your daily walks. It will automatically calculate how far you have gone each day on your virtual pilgrimage.

As you record the number of steps you walk each day, be sure to check out the photos of the temples that you would have visited along the way if you were actually walking in Japan.   Remember that Japan is a mountainous country, so don’t forget to throw a few hills into your daily walk to help yourself imagine you are really walking in Japan!

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I’ve been trying to get out everyday for a walk or bike ride to take in the wonderful transition from winter into spring.  Daily I am struck by the incredible beauty of the negative spaces.  As I look at the spring sky through the bare branches, I can feel the life stirring within that promises to become leaves and blossoms soon.  Here are some photos from the past week from my walks around Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis and along the Mississippi at Minihaha Falls Park yesterday.  Enjoy!

Spring sky through the branches Spring Twilight

dscn68521Looking Up

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Sunrise in Akumal

Sunrise in Akumal

Sunrise in Akumal, Mexico

It’s amazing how much difference a few degrees make.  OK, so it’s more than just a few degrees.  When we left yesterday morning it was -10 degrees Fahrenheit with an even colder wind chill.  One of the delightful things about taking a vacation from Minnesota in the middle of the winter is the utter appreciation I have for the smallest things.  This morning, I could hardly make myself stay in bed past 5:30 AM because I didn’t want to miss the coming of the golden morning light.  It was so beautiful.  Here’s a picture of the sunrise this morning.  More to come soon, so check back.

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